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The Athena Bridge positioning wheelchair is a great fit for both mobile and immobile users. The chair provides users with the ability to remain social, safe, and comfortable. It is equipped with tilt-in-space capabilities which reduce the risk of both pressure sores and pressure injuries. The chair's tilting capabilities allow users to stay in the chair for long periods of time due by providing them with a comfortable long-term seating solution. The chair is available with multiple optional upgrades, heights, and width options. Its' adjustability of the chair makes users able to sit in the chair comfortably for long periods of time. 


  • • Cohesive flexible suspension seating provides pressure redistribution

    • Reduces the risk of pressure injuries and pressure sores

    • Removeable and adjustable footrest, shoulder supports, and lateral supports.

    • Multiple height and width options provide a personalized custom fit

    • WC-19 Transport Option

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